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Published: 26th August 2009
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A city home to the most extravagant lifestyles, rich heritage and culture, Switzerland is also home to several famous people who are known all over the world. The city of secretive bank accounts and low-tax magnet continues to lure celebrities in the elite world of show business, politics, business royalty and finance. Some celebrities include singer-songwriters Phil Collins and Shania Twain and singer-actress Tina turner. These people live in Switzerland.

Phil Collins

Since 1994, Phil Collins has made Switzerland his home. He is famous in the music industry and has proved himself to be a legend of music. Although he was born in London, he chose to permanently stay in Switzerland. He found his peace in this beautiful country and decided to build his future in Switzerland. Phil Collins met his wife, Orianne Crevey, an interpreter during one of his trips.

The couple lived in the Hermance, one of the suburbs of Geneva, before moving to a bigger place in Canton of Vaud. This is where they continue to live, with their two children. Their wedding was held at the Beau Rivage Palace of Ouchy in Lausanne.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain started becoming famous during the late 90's with her songs. One of her albums that were produced sold 11 million copies worldwide. This made her a world renowned singer and made her attract millions of fans. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland, together with her husband Matt Langer, who is also her producer. They live on a 19th century manor on the shores of Lake Geneva. Before moving there, they lived in a house in New York City. Today, Shania and her husband record new albums on a studio near their house.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner is one of the legends in terms of music. This American singer has permanently lived in Zurich since 1986, on the most fashionable district of Switzerland. She started performing in night clubs and was discovered by his manager, Roger Davies. In 1997, a North American tour made her on the top of the billboard charts again. She lives in an extravagant villa in Zurich with her Swiss businessman husband. Back in July, year 2000, she announced that she was ending her stage music career. However, it was not limited to other stage performances especially for charities.

Artists writers, music stars, movie stars, painters, philosophers, dancers and businessmen have chosen to live in Switzerland. Other artists who lived in Switzerland include George Harrison, Roger Moore and Audrey Hepburn. For so many reasons, Switzerland is the best country to live in. It is known to be a significant financial center in the whole world, asking for one of the lowest taxes and catering the best government services. Aside from these, it has a blessed location amidst beautiful greeneries. Fresh air is found here, unlike other developed countries. The shopping destinations, the nightlife and the historical backgrounds are astonishing. All of these are reasons why celebrities flock Switzerland and choose to permanently live in this beautiful country.



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